Terms and Conditions for Personal Data Protection

I expressly authorise and consent to Etiqa Insurance Pte.Ltd. ("Etiqa"), its officers and employees, at their sole discretion, disclose any and all information relating to me, including my personal particulars, my transactions and dealings and my policies of insurance with Etiqa, to any of the following persons, whether in Singapore or elsewhere, for purposes reasonably required to evaluate my application and to provide the product or services which I am applying for (including any new policy application, renewals and/or alterations), and such other purposes as described in Etiqa's Data Protection Statement on Etiqa's website (https://www.etiqa.com.sg/useful-information/data-protection) :

  • Etiqa's holding company, subsidiary, branches, representative officers, related corporations or affiliates;
  • any of Etiqa's contractors or third party service providers or distribution partners or professional advisers or representative;
  • any regulatory, supervisory or other authority, court of law, tribunal or person, in any jurisdiction, where such disclosure is required by law, regulation, judgement or order of court or order of any tribunal or as a matter of practice;
  • any actual or potential assignee(s) or transferee(s) of any rights and obligations of Etiqa under or relating to my policy or policies for any purpose connected with the proposed assignment or transfer; and
  • any credit bureau or insurer, for such purpose(s) that Etiqa in its reasonable opinion considers appropriate including but not limited to the purposes of underwriting, customer servicing and investigation.