Sep 30
SRS blog bulb  

By all accounts, the Singapore income tax rate is relatively low. However, there is a way to reduce your tax bill even further!


The Supplementary Retirement Scheme (“SRS”) is a scheme that all Singapore residents can make contributions to. Monies deposited into the SRS will immediately reduce your tax bill and the investment income earned from these funds are also tax-free. There is a maximum amount that you can contribute to this fund every year though. The maximum is currently S$15,300 for Singaporeans/ PR and S$35,700 for foreigners.



Apr 05
travel insurance blog cherry blossom  

One of the most famous attractions in Japan is perhaps its sakura cherry blossom trees. As part of an important cultural purpose in Japan, the cherry blossom is quite symbolic and iconic. Every year, tourists flock to Japan during the Sakura season to get a close feel of these cherry blossoms.

As cherry blossoms only bloom in Spring, if you are planning to visit Japan and see the cherry blossoms up close, you have to do so when it is cherry blossom season. Here’s how you can kill two birds with one stone on your trip to Japan.



Mar 20
Pet Insurance: Is It Worth It  

Anyone, who has a pet, at some point must have thought about getting pet insurance. While looking after a pet is not a hard task, it’s taking care of the pet’s medical needs that might put a dent in your pocket. Some people say medical care for pets cost more than people’s medical care. It is true, in some cases. Other than covering the medical costs of your pet, pet insurance also offers to cover for third-party liability claims for damages your pet has inflicted on others or their properties and even theft. If you are a new pet owner or a long time pet owner and are wondering whether pet insurance is worth it, here’s what you need to know.



Feb 21
travel insurance blog hongkong market  

You can’t visit Hong Kong and not spend some time at the many markets there. Markets are great spots for shopping and tasting local food. You can find a variety of products at these markets-things you need and things that you never knew existed.


If you are planning a visit soon to Hong Kong, be sure to equip yourself with the right travel insurance policy before you set out on your travels. InsureDIY has made it easy for anyone to purchase a travel policy before their travels. Get a free quote now and get the right travel policy in 3 minutes. Here are the 10 best markets to visit in Hong Kong.



Feb 21
travel insurance blog hanoi  

Vietnam, as a country, is a beautiful and serene place to visit. Hanoi, one of its most popular cities, is a gem on its own. With its authenticity still intact, any person can draw so much inspiration from Hanoi. The area, the food, the people, the sky and the life are all Hanoi’s most attractive features.



Feb 21
travel insurance blog bangkok  

Thailand is one of the most happening and visited countries in Asia. It is on the list of many tourists as the IT place to go to if they are looking forward to great food, shopping and experiencing the cultural heritage of Thailand. Due to the shaky political situation in Thailand, it is best to land there prepared with all the things you need in case something goes wrong. By signing up for a travel insurance, you will be protected against the mishaps of travelling, which include baggage loss, flight delays, medical emergencies, and so on. For the latest promotion on travel insurance, please click here.



Feb 21
What Are The Information You Need To Get A Motor Quote Online?  

Are you interested in buying a new car soon? One of the steps to make sure your newly purchased car is ready to hit the road is to get your motor insurance in order. In Singapore, it is compulsory for every vehicle owner to purchase a motor insurance before driving the vehicle.


To get started, instead of going to a host of individual insurance companies online and putting in your details multiple times to get a quote, use InsureDIY to simplify the process. It will take you only a couple of minutes and you will get to view the best offers from motor insurers in Singapore.



Jan 22
domestic helper insurance blog know  

Approximately five weeks before your domestic helper’s work permit is due for renewal, you will receive a letter from the Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”) Work Permit Department. The process for renewing your domestic helper’s work permit should take around one to two weeks.


To ensure that you are able to avoid any unforeseen issues with the work permit renewal, we would recommend that you target to complete the whole process at least two to three weeks before the work permit itself expires. This will help you avoid any potential issues that could arise with the immigration department from your helper overstaying a work permit’s validity!



Jan 15
travel insurance blog wallet lost  

Travelling abroad is quite exciting and can become an eye-opening journey in many ways. What can also happen is going through situations you’ve never thought of, such as having your belongings stolen or lost. When this type of situation happens unexpectedly to you abroad, you might find yourself confused on what to do next. Wherever you go, it is important to remain vigilant and remember that nowhere on earth is safe.




Jan 15
travel insurance blog calendar  

The best thing about starting the new year is to find out the long weekends that you are going to get. Long weekends are something that you can look forward to and by getting to know in advance, you will be able to plan ahead. Excitement builds up when youknow where you get to spend these long weekends and whether it is possible for you to go out of town for a short vacation. If it is not a long weekend, you can always take leave a day before the public holiday or a day after to further maximise your off-time work. The earlier you plan your leave days, the better and longer your weekends will be in 2019.



Jan 15
travel insurance blog skiing  

When we think of snow and skiing, we think of European countries in the winter. These days, you don’t have to go this far to enjoy snow and skiing. You can just go to other places in Asia where it is cold enough in the winter that it snows. After all, not everyone can afford to go to Europe for their winter holidays. Japan and Korea are quite popular places for Singaporeans, who want to go for a winter vacation. Ski resorts are available with lessons on how to ski and many other activities. Here are the ways to plan a great ski vacation.



Jan 15
travel insurance blog flight  

Everyone loves a good deal! If you are an avid traveller or a new traveller, getting a good deal on your flight tickets will save you money. It’s money that you get to spend on other things later on while you are on holiday.


The best way to get good deals is to search everywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s offline or online, there are some really good deals out there that you can take advantage of. Before you set out on your trip, remember to sign up for a travel policy as soon as you have booked your flight. If you are trying to look for the best flight deal in town, here are the ways you can do it.



Jan 04
domestic helper insurance blog maid include 2  

When you decide to hire a domestic helper, there are a few compulsory requirements that have been set by the Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”) in Singapore.


As an employer of a domestic helper, it is mandatory to purchase a maid insurance in Singapore for your domestic helper that consists of at least S$60,000 in personal accident coverage, S$15,000 in medical coverage and includes the MOM Security Bond of S$5,000 (learn more about the MOM Security Bond here.


A maid insurance can offer comprehensive coverage for domestic helpers in Singapore. If this is your first time buying maid insurance and you will like to be more aware of the coverage a maid insurance policy would provide, here are the three areas of coverage that you should not overlook.



Jan 03
domestic helper insurance blog security bond  

MOM minimum requirements on foreign domestic maid insurance coverage


The Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”) in Singapore requires you, as the employer of a domestic helper to purchase a basic insurance coverage that consists of:


Personal Accident: minimum sum assured of at least $60,000


Medical insurance coverage: at least $15,000


MOM Security bond: $5,000



Jan 02
travel blog jetlag  

While travelling can seem fun at times, it can also become extremely tiring, especially if you are going on a long-haul flight. After sitting in an airplane for a really long time, which might seem like eternity at that moment, you are bound to suffer from jet lag. Along with jet lag, comes fatigue and extreme exhaustion. If you are travelling for business, there is not really the time you can afford to rest so that you can recover. You will need to find a way to get rid of the jet lag so that you can go about your busy schedule. Before you planned your long flight, make sure to sign up for a proper travel insurance. InsureDIY features some of the best travel insurance deals you will find online. If you are looking for ways to beat jet lag after a long-haul flight, here’s how you can do it.



Dec 28
travel blog yoga  

Yoga is a great way to relax your mind, body and soul. If you have been busy working and have been so preoccupied with life, getting away on a short yoga weekend trip is a great idea. The best time would be to get away when the weekends are long in Singapore, especially if there is a public holiday on either a Friday or a Monday or both. Wellness retreats have been the IT thing lately and a lot of these fancy retreats are located in Asia. But, where exactly can you go to get a much needed peace of mind? Let’s find out.



Dec 21
travel blog automatic extension  

A travel insurance policy acts as a security blanket for travellers. The value of a travel policy is felt when something unfortunate happens to you while travelling. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, travel insurance policies are designed to give you coverage from the time you leave home to the time you get home.


Signing up for a travel insurance policy will get you protection for the period of time that you will be travelling. However, what happens if you come across unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from returning home before your travel policy ends? You end up paying for the expenses incurred because your policy period has ended, which means that you are no longer protected by your travel insurer. This is why you should make sure your policy includes an automatic extension of coverage.



Dec 20
Seoul, South Korea.  

Seoul is quite a famous city and this is partly due to the beautiful visuals that South Korean TV dramas have brought to Singapore. The craze for everything South Korean has grown for the past ten years and has still been growing. Seoul is the largest city of South Korea that includes the famous Incheon. There are many reasons why Seoul should be on your must-visit places list. Here is why you should considering making a trip to Seoul as one of your year-end destinations.



Dec 20
Bali, Indonesia (Photo by Gede Wirahadi Pradnyana on Unsplash)  

Indonesia is a big country with many interesting places to see. What makes visiting this country even more adventurous is through island hopping. Island hopping is a fun way of experimenting many islands and discovering the most interesting things about them. Since there are more than 18,000 islands in Indonesia, it is not possible to visit all islands at once.  Your itinerary depends on how many people will be going on this trip with you and the budget set aside for island hopping.



Dec 16
What are the 5 things to consider before renewing your COE?  

There are different types of life insurance in Singapore. If you feel that now is the time for you to purchase a life insurance policy, you need to know exactly what you are looking for. In Singapore, life insurance can be broadly grouped into: Term Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Endowment Insurance, and Investment-Linked Policies.


If you are interested to learn more about Life Insurance in Singapore, do not hesitate to contact InsureDIY at



Dec 16
What are the 5 things to consider before renewing your COE?  

It is common knowledge that in Singapore after five years or ten years, a vehicle’s COE needs to be renewed. If renewing your COE is on your mind, here are the things to consider.



Oct 30
Term Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance on a budget  

The life insurance market has a variety of plans and policies that can make any new customer confused. Term life insurance and whole life insurance provide the same purposes of providing life insurance coverage, but these two products are structured very differently.


Did you know that for the same amount of sum assured, it is possible to pay a much lower premium if you choose term insurance over whole life insurance? For a 30-year-old non-smoking male, he will pay an annual premium of around $200 for 34 years under a term policy (protection till age 65) versus $2000+ for 39 years under a whole life policy (protection till age 70). By understanding how the two products are structured and the benefits they provide, you can end up in a better position to make an informed decision.



Oct 29
7 Good Things About Term Insurance  

Term insurance offers coverage for a fixed period of time starting from a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 30 years, or you can also choose to obtain cover up to a certain age, for example cover up to 65 or 75 years of age Term insurance is perfect for people, who prefer to have some flexibility in the duration of their cover and in is getting protection for a certain number of years based solely on their needs. Term insurance policy can be very comprehensive in protection, with enhanced covers provided in the form of riders, riders act as additional benefits that the life assured can choose to add to the policy. If you are thinking of signing up for term insurance, here are the attractive features that can help you decide.



Oct 28
Getting a Car For Your Family  

Once you have a family, you will realise that owning a car is a necessity in Singapore. It can help to save time when travelling and at the same time, boost productivity because you are more in control than if you were to travel by public transport. While all these make the idea of owning a car look really attractive, there are some important things that you need to know before buying your first car in Singapore. Things that you probably had no clue about, such as COE prices, road tax fee and the right insurance premium for the vehicle.




Oct 27
Get Your First Second-Hand Car With These 7 Easy Steps  

While buying a new car sounds appealing, it is not something that everyone can afford. It is why many people prefer to buy a used car in Singapore, especially when you can get a high-end vehicle for less than $20,000. Based on the LTA figures, about 9,000 vehicles change ownerships per month. If you are thinking of getting a second-hand car, here are the steps that can help you get the car easily.



Oct 11
Reviewing Your Motor Insurance Cover Before Renewing Your Policy  

Motor insurance is mandatory in Singapore for every vehicle on the road. If your car insurance policy is due to renewal soon, it is well worth reviewing the benefits of your cover before going ahead with the renewal.


By now, you would have had your motor insurance for at least one year and should have a better understanding on the benefits that you as a driver and your car will need.



Oct 04
9 things to know before you get your first car  

While buying a car in Singapore does not come cheap, it can certainly make your life easier, especially if you have a family. Even with an 8-year low COE (Certificate of Entitlement), getting a car comes with a lot of financial responsibilities. You have to spend money on the right documents and licences before you get the car at your disposal. Then after you already have the car, you have to spend on parking costs, maintenance and a variety of other expenses. If you are about to step out and get your first car in Singapore, here are the most important things to know.



Sep 27
What are the hottest destinations for 2019 Singapore holidays?  

Since there are not that many long weekends in Singapore, you have to take the opportunity of every long weekend to enjoy yourself by going on holiday or for a short vacation. The possibilities for the hottest destinations that you can look forward to are endless. Still, you have to make sure that you are ready in advance with your holiday plans as soon as your vacation time comes or as soon as there’s a long weekend in Singapore. 


Some people like to travel whenever there is a public holiday that coincidentally falls on a Thursday or Friday. It would be foolish to not try and take advantage of any long weekend happening in Singapore.



Jun 05
car insurance renewal SG blog  

Is your car insurance expiring soon? Are you looking for renewal and also the best price on renewal?


We are outlining items you should note before your renewal, so that you can take advantage of the biggest discounted price in town and renew with the lowest premium.



May 06
mothers term insurance SG  

Happy Mother’s Day! Is this your first Mother’s Day with your little baby? You must have changed a lot since the last Mother’s Day. Your life today is surely more chaotic, stressful and tiring, but at the same time, sweeter and more contented than before your baby was born.


Your little one could still be too young to say thank you, but it’s a good time as ever for you to give yourself a good rest and plan for yourself on Mother’s Day.



May 04
term insurance protection  

The biggest misconception about term insurance is “it doesn’t worth the money as you cannot get back what you’ve paid”.


Let us speak up today for the best value-for-money life insurance in the world and make sure you, your friend and those who read this benefit from it.



Mar 20
car insurance blog  

Planning to purchase or renew your car insurance policy?


Here are the top 10 things that you would need to know about car insurance.



Mar 16
car insurance claim  

No matter how careful a driver you are, you can never be 100% sure you would not run into an accident on the roads. As drivers, we know there are too many uncontrollable factors.


That is why you need car insurance to protect you and your family.



Mar 05
ncd protector insurance  

There is research done that proves that there is co-relation between your driving style and your personality.


In most motor insurance company’ eyes (sadly), “the safest drivers win us all”. Why is that?



Nov 06
best protection travel blog  

Can you believe it? This is actually happening!


The third world war...?




Sep 29
Annual Travel Insurance Plan SGB  

Take more than four overseas trips per year?


Buying Annual Travel Insurance will the best thing that has happened to you! 




Aug 30
AF blog  





Jul 20
domestic helper blog01  


Get the Top 4 Points to note on the new Insurance Requirements for your Helper which will be enforced from 1 Oct 2017.



Jun 27
travel insurace hacks  

Ever wondered what’s the best way to save on airplane tickets on non-budget airlines?


Get the Top 10 Picks of Travel Hacks from InsureDIY now that will help you and your loved ones fly smarter and travel better.



Jun 09
travel insurance singapore  

1. Leaving your passport in a taxi?


2. Missing a Michelin starred restaurant reservation due to flight delay?


3. Breaking your ankle during a hike?


4. Forgetting to get your travel insurance?



May 25
travel blog tokyo  

Been to the top touristic spots and looking for something extraordinary?


Let us explore these Top 5 Must Visit Unconventional Restaurants in Tokyo!


Are you ready? 



Apr 24
travel insurance 03 1  

We will finish off this topic with this question:

What is the purpose of your trip? 


Here are the previous related articles:


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How do I recognize the right travel insurance plan for me? (II)



Apr 03
travel insurance 02  

If you wish to see the first part of this topic, you may click into How do I recognize the right travel insurance plan for me? (I)


Let’s go back to our questions to help identify your needs and decide on the most suitable travel insurance plan for you.



Mar 20
travel insurance blogSG 2  

Have you heard of our comparison table yet?


Not sure?


You can read our previous blog Is there a so-called "The Best Travel Insurance Plan"? to understand how our amazing comparison table works for you, or you can simply click here to derive your own comparison table now.


Is that all? Definitely not.

Mar 11
travel insurance blogSG 1  

Well, we have the best plan in mind, but it may not be the one that suits you.


The best travel insurance is the one that is suitable for you and where you are going.


We understand the most common needs of our customers when looking for travel insurance and have summed them up into 6 plans for the convenience of servicing you 24/7 online.