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4 Reasons Why Your Next Holiday Should Be a Cruise Trip

This article was originally published on MSIG Insurance Singapore

With COVID-19’s impact on travel plans everywhere, it’s a good time to consider a highly underrated and overlooked option: cruises.

The recent launch of cruises to nowhere is the perfect escape while waiting for travel restrictions to lift. From Genting Cruises to Royal Caribbean and even luxury ship The Palace, here are four reasons to consider taking a cruise holiday:

1. It’s Amazing Value for Money

It’s impossible not to include food on this list, not with the immense array of offerings available on a cruise ship. Some even offer complimentary dining!

Treat yourself to all you-can-eat buffets, which come now with dedicated wait service for social distancing. Can’t visit the many countries on your bucket list? Let your tastebuds do the travelling instead, with different cuisines offered on board – from Chinese and Japanese to Indian and Korean, or even interesting and unique fusion restaurants.

Go for a casual slice of pizza or if you’re feeling fancy, dress up and head down to celebrity chef restaurants such as Jamie’s Italian or the Royal Caribbean’s exclusive Chef Table experience for an intimate VIP 5-course meal. Pro-tip: For extra value, check out Royal Caribbean’s dining packages which let you save up to 40%!

Not to be outdone, Genting Cruises offers over 35 dining options including private dining rooms, 24-hour cafes and even a beloved go-to for many Singaporeans: hotpot.

2. You Can Do Literally Anything!

Contrary to the misconception that cruise rides are “boring”, there’s a mind-boggling variety of activities offered onboard!

Escape room fans, indulge in your obsession with the Royal Caribbean’s very own Escape The Rubicon where you have 60 minutes to solve intricate puzzles and escape a mystery room. Thrillseekers get to enjoy Ripcord® by iFly or the FlowRider wave simulator.

It’s an endless exploration on Genting Cruises too! Immerse yourselves in new worlds with the Esc EXPERIENCE LAB, a virtual reality gaming experience.

Just looking for a relaxing and chill activity? Then catch a movie under the stars with the Zouk Beach Club. Sky – or sea – is the limit on these cruise ships!

3. You Can Live Like a King

It’s hard not to feel like royalty when you’re getting top-notch treatment on The Palace, a luxury ship. Enjoy the 360-degree ocean view any time of the day and live large with nearly 10,000 square metres of speciality restaurants, VIP lounges, high-end spa facilities and swimming pool. 

Each Palace Villa comes with its own whirlpool spa, sauna, private sundeck and even grand piano. Plus, sit back, relax and enjoy the 24-hour butler service fit for a king. 

4. It’s the Perfect Solution for Your Wanderlust!

With the pandemic limiting our travel opportunities and restricting many local activities, boredom and wanderlust have been pent up and accumulating all year. While we’ve got some suggestions for that, cruise rides are an excellent solution that allows you to travel in your safe little bubble.

Cruise ships are also taking precautions to ensure your safety, from nasal swab tests before boarding and contact tracing tokens to requiring medical-grade cleaning standards and advance bookings for facilities. If there’s anything the recent false alarm shows us, cruise ships are more than equipped to handle these situations with strict protocols and procedures. Plus, with a 50% cap on passenger capacity, there’s no need to worry about crowds!

Excited already? Make your booking ASAP, to enjoy up to 50% off Royal Caribbean cruises in January or 15% off Genting Cruises suites for UOB cardholders.

Then prepare for it with TravelEasy’s coverage for cruise holidays, with over 50 benefits! Pro-tip: Select the “Worldwide” option as the trip is a cruise to nowhere. As coverage does not include claims related to COVID-19, make sure to read the T&Cs before booking to confirm they will provide credits/ refunds in the event of a cancellation.

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