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How to get the best flight deals

Everyone loves a good deal! If you are an avid traveller or a new traveller, getting a good deal on your flight tickets will save you money. It’s money that you get to spend on other things later on while you are on holiday.

The best way to get good deals is to search everywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s offline or online, there are some really good deals out there that you can take advantage of. Before you set out on your trip, remember to sign up for a travel policy as soon as you have booked your flight. If you are trying to look for the best flight deal in town, here are the ways you can do it.

Flight comparison sites

Flight comparison sites, such as Google Flights, Kayak and Skyscanner, are quite popular among travellers. You just need to go to one website and you will be shown prices of flights from online travel agents and airlines.

For most comparison sites, you cannot purchase a flight ticket on the spot. You will be directed to that respective online travel agent’s website or the airlines official website where you will be able to make the purchase.

The downside from using these comparison sites is that not all available airlines are compared and displayed. Most likely, comparison sites display the airlines and online agents that they are affiliated with. Small carriers and domestic flights might not be included on their flight comparison list. So in a way, the best flight deal that you are looking for might not be found on comparison sites.

Through official pages of airlines

Sometimes airlines offer really good deals on their official websites. You just have to notice when and get ready to book the flight. It might be three months before the flight that the airline decides to promote this particular route. Most airlines now have their own social media pages, where many of their flight deals are posted and shared. Sign up with the airlines’ websites to get to know about their flight deals as soon as it is available.

Other than discounted flights, airlines also offer other benefits if you purchase your flight tickets directly from them, such as free membership, flyer miles or even increased baggage allowance.

Mix and match 

Although getting a round trip ticket might sound safe and cheaper, you might just get a better deal and save money by purchasing two one-way tickets with different airlines. This way, you get to choose the best flight deals when you go on your trip and when you come back. To find the best flight deals, you need to search the airlines that are serving the route of your flight destination. On comparison sites, you can pick and choose the same route, but by different airlines or carriers.

What you need to know first

Best price deals 

Don’t always fall for the “best price” deals. Best prices don’t always mean that you are getting the best deals. It simply means this is the best that this airline or online travel agent can do for you without mentioning that there might be a few cutbacks when it comes to what you are getting with this flight.

The “best price” deal might land you at a different airport where you will have to take another flight to get to your destination or it might be a smaller plane with lesser amenities, such as no meals offered or other usual services.

Seasonal flight deals

In the airline industry, it’s common for airlines and travel agents to offer different prices for the same flight route at different times. Usually, ticket costs are much cheaper when you book your flight in advance. If the flights are during busy seasons, the prices are going to be higher.  You could get a cheaper price too if you book as soon as the flight tickets become available.

Prices of flight tickets also depend on demand, which means that if it is not a much sought-after flight, the airline might offer a discount in the weeks leading up to the flight. The best time to travel would be during January and February.

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