DIY Rewards General Terms and Conditions

Only users (“User”) of the InsureDIY Pte Ltd (“InsureDIY”) website who have a user account are eligible to participate in any InsureDIY Rewards program to earn DIY$.

DIY$ are not transferable and will be valid for three years from the date that the DIY$ are credited to the User’s account.

Where the calculation of DIY$ results in a fraction of a DIY$, the DIY$ credited will be rounded up to the nearest whole DIY$.

All redemptions are subject to the accumulation of sufficient DIY$ and InsureDIY’s final acceptance. Orders will be cancelled automatically in the event of insufficient DIY$. Accumulated DIY$ below 500 cannot be converted to any other gifts or vouchers that are not listed in the DIY Rewards Catalogue.

Once a redemption order has been accepted by InsureDIY, it cannot be changed, cancelled or refunded. Redemption or notification email will be mailed to the User’s email address indicated in the User’s profile within four weeks.

InsureDIY is not a supplier of the merchandise, or the products and services redeemable under the Program, and will not accept any liability in relation thereto. User’s information such as email address may be transferred to any rewards partners so that the redeemed gift or vouchers may be sent to the User.

Gifts and vouchers redemption from the InsureDIY catalogue are further subject to the terms and conditions applicable thereto.

Fraud and abuse relating to the earning and pooling of DIY$ or redemption orders may result in the forfeiture of the accrued DIY$ as well as the cancellation of the User’s InsureDIY account.

InsureDIY reserves the right to change the terms and conditions herein and the amount of DIY$ required for redemption from time to time without prior notice.

In case of any dispute arising from the Program, the decision of InsureDIY shall be final.

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all InsureDIY rewards programs.

InsureDIY rewards programs

Your Reward DIY$ for Insurance Policies : ("Purchase Reward Program")

Users may earn DIY$ for their purchase insurance policies bought through the InsureDIY website. The amount of DIY$ applicable for each policy is shown in the comparison table during the quotation process or product promotion page .

InsureDIY reserves the right to change the amount of DIY$ applicable for each policy without prior notice. InsureDIY reserves the right to credit the correct amount of DIY$ to users regardless of any errors in the DIY$ shown in the comparison table.

DIY$ credited in respect of a policy will be forfeited should the policy be terminated within its first year. This includes, but is not limited to, cancellation of the policy.

DIY$ will not be credited for the portion of the premium relating to medisave, sub-standard premiums or any other loadings imposed by the insurer.

DIY$ will be credited 8 weeks after the start of the policies. DIY$ will be credited to the User’s account equally quarterly in arrears after the issue date of the policy for Hospital, Critical Illness and Domestic Helper. If the DIY$ cannot be divided equally into quarters, any odd DIY$ will be credited in the last quarter.

Rewards for referrals : 5%  (“Rewards for referrals”)

Users will be assigned a unique Referral Code.

Any insurance policies bought by the same User (i.e. the User referring himself/herself) will not be eligible for DIY$ under the Rewards for referrals program. The User will only be eligible for the referral points if the product was bought by other First –Time Buyers of products through the InsureDIY website.

First-Time Buyers are defined as users who have not bought any products from the InsureDIY website before.

The referral points are only applicable to the first eligible products including Travel Insurance, Domestic Helper Insurance, Motor insurance, Hospital Insurance, Term Insurance or Critical Illness Insurance bought by First-Time Buyers. Referral points cannot be earned on multiple products bought by the same First-Time Buyer.

Any referrals not captured through the input of the User’s Referral Code at the point of purchase will not be considered for referral points.

InsureDIY reserves the right to change the amount of DIY$ applicable for each referral without prior notice.

DIY$ credited in respect of a policy that was referred will be forfeited should the policy be terminated within its first year. This includes, but is not limited to, free-look and/or cancellation or lapse of the policy.

Rewards Concierge

Users may contact the Rewards Concierge for customised rewards redemption if the User has more than 500 DIY$.

The Rewards Concierge reserves the right to quote the amount of DIY$ required for any requested redemption.

InsureDIY reserves the right to withdraw the Rewards Concierge service at any time without prior notice.