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3-Year historical return of 13.26% p.a.1 on a Balanced Portfolio


5.6% p.a. past 3-Year return

3-Year returns range from 5.79% p.a. to 20.47% p.a.1 depending on your risk profile

Low risk

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InvestDIY Star Rated

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Why Apply for InvestDIY's Best Investment Funds

Our InvestDIY Star Rating System takes the guess work out of investing. You can now place your funds with the best global fund managers at super low fees.

Make your money work harder! If you have not already invested your SRS funds, you would only be earning the default return of 0.05% p.a.. Having your excess cash in fixed deposits will only be earning you 0.05% - 0.65% p.a..

Choose one of our 3 investment themes:

  1. Best of Global Bond Funds;
  2. Best of Global Equity Funds; or
  3. Best of Thematic Equity Funds.

Or you can invest in a diversified portfolio based on your risk profile to grow your wealth:

3-Year Historical Return by Risk Profile1

High Growth 20.47% p.a.
Growth 16.25% p.a.
Balanced 13.26% p.a.
Moderate 9.78% p.a.
Conservative 5.79% p.a.


Best of all, you will enjoy fees as low as 0.5% p.a. and no upfront sales charge!

Find out more about our InvestDIY Star Rating System and how your monies will be invested here.

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How does the InvestDIY Star Rating system work?

There are thousands of funds available for investment, so how do you choose?

Unique to InvestDIY, we have an open architecture where we assess over 40 fund managers and close to 2,000 funds. Our investment approach is not based on ETFs. Instead, we focus on Fund Managers who are expected to outperform the market and produce alpha.

Our proprietary rating system crunches through the historical data of global fund managers and ranks their performance based on 10 different metrics. Our 10 metrics focus on 3 different dimensions:

consistent performance

Consistent Performance


Outperformance Relative to Benchmarks

able to manage downside

Downside Management

InvestDIY Best Investment Funds Details

You can choose to:

(a) directly invest into one of the three pre-selected investment themes, or 

(b) have your risk profile assessed so that we can recommend a suitable asset allocation.

As part of our portfolio review process, we may recommend that you re-balance your investments where needed. You will remain in full control of your investments and can choose to accept our recommendations or continue with your existing allocation.

Select from one of these three themes:

Theme 1: Best of Global Bond Funds

Our Best of Global Bond Funds series selects global bond funds that have a focus on investment grade or government related securities.

Your monies will be invested equally in:

Global Corporate Bond Fund

Allocation: 25%

PIMCO logo

Global Real Return Fund

Allocation: 25%

PIMCO logo

Global Bond Fund

Allocation: 25%

JP Morgan logo

Global Corporate Bond Fund

Allocation: 25%


Past Performance1
1-Year Return 4.84% p.a.
3-Year Return 5.79% p.a.
5-Year Return 3.89% p.a.
Theme 2: Best of Global Equity Funds

Our Best of Global Equity Funds series selects global equities funds managed by fund managers with an excellent track record. This diversified portfolio was designed to provide growth opportunities with diversification.

Your monies will be invested equally in:

Threadneedle logo

Global Focus Fund

Allocation: 25%

Franklin Templeton logo

Opportunities Equity Fund

Allocation: 25%

JP Morgan logo

Global Growth Equity Fund

Allocation: 25%

JP Morgan logo

Emerging Markets Opportunities Equity Fund

Allocation: 25%

Past Performance1
1-Year Return 40.96% p.a.
3-Year Return 19.10% p.a.
5-Year Return 18.67% p.a.
Theme 3: Best of Thematic Equity Funds

Get even more potential returns with InvestDIY's Thematic Equity Funds. Our selection of funds focus on 3 thematic areas:

  • China growth story,
  • Value investing, and
  • Technology

Your funds will be invested in:

World Technology Fund

Allocation: 40%

Allianz logo equity funds

All China Equity Fund

Allocation: 17%

JP Morgan logo

US Value Equity Fund

Allocation: 43%

Past Performance1
1-Year Return 54.04% p.a.
3-Year Return 23.65% p.a.
5-Year Return 19.91% p.a.


You can check out more details about these funds by filling in the online form above.

Based on your information, we will help to assess your risk profile as Conservative, Moderate, Balanced, Growth or High Growth. Conservative risk profiles will have a higher allocation to bonds while High Growth risk profiles will have higher allocation to equities.

3-Year Historical Return1
High Growth 20.47% p.a.
Growth 16.25% p.a.
Balanced 13.26% p.a.
Moderate 9.78% p.a.
Conservative 5.79% p.a.


The volatility of the performance increases as the risk profile move from Conservative to High Growth. Check out your risk profile and suggested investment allocation by filling in the online form above.

floating interest rates

How to Apply


Apply above (you will be opening a Phillips Securities FAME account if you do not have one with us*.)

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Here are some common questions about InvestDIY Best Investment Funds

1. Why do I have to apply for a wrap account?

* The wrap account is on a platform run by Phillips Securities and is authorised to collect monies and to execute trades with fund managers. Your monies will be held in custody with Phillip Securities in trust. We do not collect your funds or handle your money directly.

As this is a one-time set up process, we will also ask if you want to set up such that you can use your CPF monies for investment in the future in addition to a cash account. You can also invest your SRS monies into the funds.


2. Is the return or capital guaranteed?

Whilst each fund provides diversification, both the return and your capital are not guaranteed for any of these funds.


3. What is the minimum and maximum investment amounts?

The minimum investment amount is S$20,000 if you select a specific Investment Theme. The minimum investment amount is $35,000 if you invest by your risk profile. There is no maximum investment amount.


4. Is there a sales charge?

Enjoy our super low fees! There is no sales charge for your investment.


5. What fees does InvestDIY charge

A small fee of 0.6% p.a. will be charged for AUM at or below $500,000. This fee reduces to 0.5% p.a. for AUM of over $500,000. Fees are before GST. Unlike other advisers, we do not charge an upfront sales charge.

These fees go to support our on-going monitoring of the performance of the funds, servicing of your account and Phillips Security's platform.

** The Phillips Security platform will be used to execute transactions, provide statements, hold your funds in custody with Phillip Securities in trust in addition to providing other services. 


6. When should I be thinking about investing into such funds?

If you are keen on savings or investment products and have enough assets such that this investment is not a substantial part of your portfolio, you can consider investing in these funds.

In addition, there should not be any factors that are expected to impact you net assets significantly. e.g. expect to use the funds to purchase property soon.



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