InsureDIY China-Taiping i-save 3-year-plan promotion capital guaranteed return 2.3% per annum


China Taiping Singapore i-Save (Applications closed for 2 Dec 2019 tranche) - Register your interest for the Jan 2020 tranche now! 

We have now closed our application for China Taiping's 2 Dec 2019 i-Save tranche as the trache has been fully subscribed!


Register your interest for the Jan 2020 tranche or for similar products here and we will be able to keep you updated at the earliest instance on future tranches! 


About China Taiping's Dec 2019 i-Save Tranche


China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“CTPIS”) has launched a new tranche of i-Save on 2 Dec 2019 [this tranche has now been fully subscribed, please register your interest for the next tranche or for similar products here]. The Dec 2019 tranche will offer a guaranteed yield of 2.32% p.a. over 3 Years and is capital guaranteed.


The guaranteed return of 2.32% p.a. is higher than the 1.56% p.a. returns provided by Singapore Savings Bonds and higher than fixed deposit rates.


i-Save is covered by the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme (PPF) run by the SDIC.

About China Taiping

China Taiping Logo


China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“CTPIS”) is a MAS licensed insurer. CTPIS has a financial strength rating of “A” (Excellent) and long-term issuer credit rating of “A” by the A.M. Best. 


China Taiping Insurance Group Limited is a large financial group with businesses in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, North America, Europe, Oceania, East and Southeast Asia. 

Exclusive InsureDIY Promotion


InsureDIY is the only adviser platform offering China Taiping's i-Save with an online application process and an exclusive promotionInsureDIY is an online financial adviser licensed by MAS and we are an approved adviser by China Taiping. 

Special InsureDIY i-Save Promotion: 


Single Premium Amount Exclusive Rewards 
$100,000 and above  DIY$90
$50,000 to $99,999  DIY$40
$20,000 to $49,999  DIY$5


* Points given for the purchase of this tranche of i-Save cannot be redeemed as cash rebate for this same tranche.  



You can now use your existing DIY$ to get cash rebates on i-Save 

and get 25% boost up on your points!


Redeem $10, $50 or $100 cash rebates for DIY$8, DIY$40 and DIY$80 only.

Find out how to get more DIY$ here. i-Save is also eligible for the Refer a Friend program.  



Register your interest now!


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Fill in your details in the form below to register your interest for future tranches of i-Save now!   



China Taiping i-Save 3-Year plan (Registration for the next tranche)

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I am not a Politically Exposed Person (PEP).
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My financial priority is short-term savings. I prefer fixed income, capital guaranteed products. The return is within my expectations.
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Key Features of China Taiping iSave (Dec 2019)


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  • Guaranteed yield of 2.32% per year
  • Capital guaranteed upon maturity
  • Interest and capital are all paid out upon maturity 
  • 105% of Death benefits
  • Higher return than bank fixed deposits and Singapore Savings Bonds
  • 3 year policy term
  • Immediate application online
  • No medical checkup required
  • Premiums via cheque or cashier's order payable to to "China Taiping"
  • Limited tranche - selling fast!


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 Here are some common questions about China Taiping i-Save Plan 


1. Is there any difference between buying China Taiping i-Save through InsureDIY or from other distributors?


InsureDIY is distributing the same product as with other distributors. However, we are offering exclusive promotions on i-Save that are not available anywhere else. We are also the only distributor to offer an online application process. Apply early through InsureDIY and be the first in line for this limited tranche product. So you will get more value through our promo and you also save time! 



2. What is the minimum and maximum premium size for China Taiping i-Save?


The minimum premiums size for China Taiping iSave is S$20,000. The maximum single premium per insured is S$500,000.



3. What are the minimum and maximum ages for China Taiping i-Save?


Insureds from ages 1 to 80 age next birthday can apply for China Taiping i-Save.



4. Is there a limit to the number of policies one may purchase?


No, there is no limit. Multiple policies are allowed under the same life insured, subject to a maximum aggregate single premium of S$500,000 per proposer.



5. If I am a foreigner, can I apply for China Taiping i-Save?


YesHowever, you must be residing in Singapore at the time of application with a valid pass that has a minimum validity period of 6 months from the proposal signed date. Foreigners from sanctioned countries however, will be turned down. 



6. What are the acceptable source of funds for China Taiping i-Save?


The Single Premium payment can be made via Cheque or Cashier's Order only, payable to "China Taiping".


If submitting a Cashier's Order, please submit a copy of cashier’s order application form or a copy of the debit advice showing the payer’s details. 



7. Can I use my SRS funds to apply for China Taiping i-Save?


No, SRS funds cannot be used for China Taiping i-Save. The Single Premium payment has to be made via Cheque or Cashier's Order. 


8. China Taiping's i-Save covered by SDIC?


Yes, i-Save is covered under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme run by SDIC. The maximum cover is S$500,000 for death claims and S$100,000 for surrender value per life assured per insurer. 



motor insurance select Click here to apply for China Taiping i-Save



InsureDIY is an online financial adviser licensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore and we are an approved adviser by China Taiping. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.