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Get attractive yields with #goElite Secure. This flexible plan can even pay out the dividends from the underlying investments so that you can enjoy a steady stream of income throughout the plan. *

  • Ride out market volatility with a guaranteed death benefit only increases with the high watermark feature. Death benefit never goes below your investment.** See below for details.
  • Invest in a range of funds to target growth or dividend income
  • Flexibility to partially withdraw with no penalty
  • Indicative 12-month average dividend yield of 6.76% p.a.***
  • Use Cash or SRS


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More about #goElite Secure

Statistics show that by staying invested in the capital markets in the long term, you will be able to benefit from higher returns. #goElite Secure allows you to ride out the market volatiliy as it has an additional benefit of locking in the death benefit at the highest point of each monthaniversary. So that you receive downside protection in the event that the policy needs to be paid out on death.

Invest by cash if you wish to receive the dividends from the policy, otherwise the dividends will be reinvested in the policy if you invest by SRS. 

#goElite Secure
Premium Term: Single Premium

Downside Protection: 


High Watermark Locked-in Value

The peak account value at every monthiversary is Locked-in to protect against volatile market trends. The highest monthly watermark recorded throughout the Policy is Locked-in to deliver maximum death benefit.


Available Funds
Dividend Paying Funds

Allianz Glb Intelligent Cities Income Dis SGD-H

Allianz Income and Growth Dis AUD-H, GBP-H , SGD-H

Allianz US Short Dur High Income Bd Dis SGD-H

Fidelity Asian Special Sit Dis USD

Fidelity US High Yield Fund Dis USD, AUD-H, GBP, SGD

First Sentier Bridge Fund Dis SGD

Franklin Global Sukuk Fund Dis SGD

FSSA Dividend Advantage Fund Dis SGD

Janus Henderson Glb Real Estate Eq Inc Dis USD

JPM Asia Pacific Income Dis AUD-H, SGD-H

Non-Dividend Paying Funds

Allianz Glb Artificial Intelligence Acc SGD-H

Allianz Income and Growth Acc USD

Baillie Gifford Asia ex Japan Acc USD

Baillie Gifford LT Global Growth Acc USD

Baillie Gifford Positive Change Acc USD

Baillie Gifford US Equity Growth Acc USD

Canaccord Genuity Opportunity Fund Acc AUD-H, GBP-H, SGD-H, USD

Fidelity Emerging Markets Acc SGD-H, USD

Fidelity European Dynamic Gr Acc SGD-H, USD-H

Fidelity US High Yield Fund Acc USD, AUD-H, GBP, SGD

Franklin Technology Fund Acc SGD-H

Franklin Technology Fund Acc USD

FSSA Asian Equity Plus Fund Acc USD

FSSA Greater China Growth Fund Acc USD

FSSA Indian Subcontinent Fund Acc USD

FSSA Regional China Fund Acc SGD

FSSA Regional India Fund Acc SGD

Fundsmith Equity Fund Acc GBP

Invesco Global Consumer Trends Acc USD

Janus Henderson Glb Life Sciences Acc SGD-H, USD

JPM Asia Pacific Income Acc USD


MS Emerging Leaders Equity Fund Acc USD

MS Europe Opportunity Fund Acc EUR

Quilter Inv Compass 3 Port Acc AUD-H, EUR-H, GBP-H, SGD-H, USD

Quilter Inv Compass 4 Port Acc AUD-H, EUR-H, GBP-H, SGD-H, USD

Sands Capital US Select Growth Acc USD

Schroder ISF China Opp Acc SGD-H, USD

Templeton Shariah Global Equity Acc SGD

UBS All China Equity Acc USD

UBS China Allocation Opportunity Acc USD

United Asian High Yield Bond Acc SGD-H

United Asian High Yield Bond Acc USD

Fixed Income    USD    2022-10-11    

United Gold & General Fund Acc SGD

United SGD Fund Acc SGD, USD-H

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Here are some common questions about #goElite Secure

1. What are the minimum and maximum investment amounts for #goElite Secure?

The minimum single premium is S$30,000 and maximum is S$500,000 for cash investments. For SRS policies, the minimum single premium is S$10,000 and maximum is S$500,000.


2. What if I need to draw down on my investment?
You can make partial withdrawals and there are currently no partial withdrawl charges. The minimum partial withdrawal amount if $500. Please ask us for the exact terms.


3. Am I allowed to switch funds?

Yes, you can switch funds at any time. Currently, there are no fund switch charges.


4. Do I have to undergo any medical underwriting?

No medical underwriting is required for #goElite Secure.


5. How is #goElite Secure different to SRS Participating Insurance Plans?

#goElite Secure is an investment linked plan which means that the underlying assets are invested in selected investment funds and the value of these funds may increase or decrease depending on the market conditions. 

Unless specifically stated otherwise, there is no guarantee on the value of the underlying assets. 

 #goElite Secure offers a high watermark locked-in value explained above to protect your death benefit against volatile market conditions.

Participating plans tend to have a more stable growth in policy value as the insurer typically seeks to smooth returns to the policyholders over time. There is also an underlying guaranteed surrender value.


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* Cash plans only. Dividends for plan invested using SRS funds are reinvested in the plan.

** Assuming that you do not reduce the sum assured or partially withdraw your funds.

*** Based on 31 May 2023 data. Indicative figure only based on selected dividend paying funds. 

# Valid till 30 Sept 2023.