Leave a Legacy

Multiply your wealth for your loved ones

High cover plus wealth accumulation


Key features for Our Top 2 Legacy Protection Products
Income: Provenance Solitaire & China Taiping: Infinite Legacy (II)

cash benefit


Protection value up to 350% of sum assured

pass on generations


Pass on policy to future generations

capital guaranteed


Cash value to protect premium invested

Single Premium & Guaranteed acceptance


High minimum entry age

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Why Apply for  
Provenance Solitaire or Infinite Legacy (II)


Income (Formerly NTUC Income)'s Provenance Solitaire and China Taiping's Infinite Legacy (II) are designed to provide lifelong protection for your dependants and protect and grow your premium with an increasing cash value.

Why these products are great:

  • Invest with a Single Premium or 3-Year Premium*
  • Protect loved ones with a cover of up to 350% of the Sum Assured
  • Your premium is protect by a guaranteed cash value and bonuses that grow over time. 

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Provenance Solitaire & Infinite Legacy (II)


Provenance Solitaire

Infinite Legacy (II)

Premium Terms Available

Single Premium

Single Premium or 3-Year Term

Guaranteed Cash Value

80% of Single Premium that grows over time

80% of Single Premium that grows over time

Minimum and Maximum Entry Ages (insured)

0 to 75

30 days to 70

Capital Guarantee



Available Riders

Disability Accelerator


Guaranteed Benefit Factors

Entry Age Death benefit cover as a percentage of sum assured
1 - 29 320% 350%
30 - 39 320% 325%
30 - 39 320% 325%
40 – 45 320% 300%
46 – 49 280% 300%
50 280% 275%
51 - 54 250% 275%
55 250% 250%
56 - 59 210% 250%
60 210% 225%
61 – 64 180% 225%
65 180% 200%
66 - 70 150% 200%
71 - 75 115% NA


Provenance Solitaire brochure

Infinite Legacy (II) brochure

Case Study - Income's Provenance Solitaire

William, age 45, non-smoker lives with his wife and two children. He has $2.5 million in cash. He wishes to leave an inheritance to his wife and children, with each having around $500,000. He would also like to maintain his current lifestyle during retirement.

Without Provenance Solitaire, William would need to set aside $1.5 million cash for inheritance and only have $1 million for his retirement, which may not be enough to maintain his current lifestyle.

With Provenance Solitaire, he can leave behind an inheritance for his loved ones, and still be able to enjoy his retirement with the remaining cash.


* The figures used are for illustrative purposes only and are rounded to the nearest dollar.
If William passes away at age 86, his nominated beneficiaries (wife and two children) would receive a death benefit¹,² of $2,115,560⁶.
The illustrated death benefit is not guaranteed and is based on the assumption that the Life Participating Fund earns a long-term average return of 4.25% p.a.
Should the long-term average return be 3.00% p.a., the illustrated death benefit¹, ² at age 86 would be $1,213,162⁷ instead

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Here are some common questions about 

Provenance Solitaire and Infinite Legacy (II)

1. Why buy a Legacy product like Provenance Solitaire or Infinite Legacy (II) instead of a Term Insurance plan

Term Insurance plans do not provide lifelong cover. Those that cover till age 99 are very expensive and there is no way of getting your money back if you live beyond 99! With Legacy plans like Provenance Solitaire or Infinite Legacy (II), you will get an attractive cover as well as the possibility of getting your money back and more should you wish to surrender the policy in the future.


2. Will I be able to at least get my money back through surrendering the policy if I do not need it in the future?

Both plans offer 80% of your single premium as your guaranteed surrender value from Day 1 and this increases to at least your premium amount. So both plans offer capital guarantee within the policy term. With bonuses, the total surrender value reaches your single premium much earlier. Please do request for your personal quotation to see the details.


3. What is the minimum sum assured?

The minimum sum assured is $250,000 for Provenance Solitaire and $1,000,000 for Infinite Legacy (II).


4. Is premium financing available for this plan?

Yes, premium financing is available for Infinite Legacy (II). Please do let us know if you are keen to apply with premium financing.


7. Can I add another Life Insured?

Yes, for Infinite Legacy (II), the policy owner may appoint a secondary life insured at application or during the policy term to continue with the policy benefits upon death of the primary life insured. 




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