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Top 5 Tips for buying 
Travel Insurance 

Annual Policy

Annual policies: for more than 5 trips a year 

Buy policies without special conditions

Buy policies without special conditions

Split out your bags max out cover

Split out your bags max out cover

Pre-existing Cover

Get pre-existing cover if needed

Buy Specialist Cover

Buy COVID-19/ specialist cover

Do you need Travel Insurance?

Travelling under the new normal has become a bit more uncertain since most countries now require COVID tests and treatment or hospitalization might follow if the result is positive. So Yes you need a comprehensive traval policy, and also be clear on what it covers.

Remember that your children and elderly parents should also be covered by Travel Insurance because one of the most important benefit of Travel Insurance is the medical coverage and emergency repatriation. Emergency repatriation may not be covered by many hospitalization plans and it is costly to arrange it yourself.

Most people don't realise that their employer's Travel Insurance policy does not cover personal trips. So before you travel, make sure that you check that your employer's Travel Insurance covers you for your overseas holidays too. Otherwise, you should purchase specific Travel Insurance covering the period of your holiday.

Equally important are the benefits that you get if your baggage is delayed, or if your trip was cancelled. 

Top 5 Travel Insurance Tips!

1. Single or Annual Travel Insurance policy?

Save money by purchasing an annual policy if you travel six to nine times a year. Otherwise single trip policies would give you better value for money.

2. Buy "standalone" Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance that is bought when you purchase your airline ticket may have special conditions that require you to only take their airlines for transportation. This is not a situation that you would want during an emergency.

3. Split out the baggages

Check-in staff sometimes check-in all luggages under one name in the group for convenience. If you are travelling in a big group and everyone has their own Travel Insurance, remember to split out the luggages and tag them under each person. If you make a claim, you claim for the luggage under your name, maximising the total cover within the group.

4. Does Travel Insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Unless the cover specifically says that it covers pre-existing conditions, assume that it does not. So if you are aware of any conditions that may cause an issue during travel, best to buy cover that includes pre-existing conditions. This will be clearly highlighted when we show you the side-by-side comparison of products.

5. Some Travel Insurance policies have special benefits.

On top of the most-concerned COVID-19 cover, there may be additional benefits that are trip specific and you should consider these when making your purchase. For example:

  • If you are planning to play sports, you should get a policy with good medical coverage.
  • If you are pregnant, you may want to buy a policy that explicitly provides coverage for pregnant women.
  • If you are planning to go hiking at high altitudes, make sure that the policy covers you for the highest altitude you intend to go.  
  • Planning to go outlet shopping? If you intend to buy many expensive items on your trip, you may want to consider a policy with a higher baggage claim limit.

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Referral Programme

Travel Insurance is also eligible for the Refer a Friend programme. Refer your friends and family for Travel Insurance and get DIY$10 for each referral.

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How to refer:
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How do you find the most suitable Travel Insurance?

NTUC Income, MSIG, Sompo, Tokio Marine and more...

The top 5 products are shown side-by-side for easy comparison.

The key categories of benefits: overseas medical treatment and emergency repatriation; loss or delay of baggage and delay or cancellation of trip are available across all plans. However, the claim limits may differ. 

Key features are highlighted in our comparison tables for your convenience!

7 SG Logo MSIG

MSIG Travel Insurance


Best all round cover + enhanced with COVID-19 Cover. Great combination of high medical cover, trip cancellation & postponement cover, travel inconvenience cover and amateur sports cover.


Income Travel Insurance

Standard Plans

Travellers can enjoy COVID-19 benefits for medical expenses, travel inconveniences and overseas quarantine allowances for the first 90 days of each trip under a Standard Plan policy.

3 SG Logo Liberty

Liberty Travel Insurance

TourCare Plus

Very decent standard plan with key benefits on medical cover, travel inconveniences and overseas quarantine allowance extended to cover COVID-19.  

4 SG Logo Sompo

Sompo Travel Insurance

Travel (COVID-19) Insurance

Protection against hefty overseas medical expenses, trip cancellation costs and other essential coverage if you are diagnosed with COVID-19.

2 SG Logo TokioMarine

Tokio Marine Travel Insurance

TM Xplora Plus

Covers trekking to the highest altitude of 4,500m above sea level. Also has the highest baggage & travel delay covers! Quarantine allowance is extended to cover COVID-19.


The above table is for illustration only, click "Get A Quote" to see the latest products, quotes and discounts.

Here are some common questions
about Travel Insurance

1. Can I get a refund if I wish to cancel my Travel Insurance?

We can only cancel your application if the policy has not been issued. Once the policy is issued, there is no refund of premium should you terminate a single trip policy. You may be able to obtain a small refund for an annual policy if you cancel the policy early during the policy period without having made any claims.

2. Should I buy a family cover?

The price of a family cover will be cheaper than buying Travel Insurance for each person separately. However, some benefits limits may be lower.

3. What should the start and end date of my Travel Insurance policy be?

The start date should include the date that you plan to travel out of Singapore. The end date will be the date that you land in Singapore. This may not be the same date that you fly out of the country that you are visiting.

4. If I intend to visit several countries, what should I select as my destination country?

Simply select the country that is furthest away from Singapore.

5. I am not based in Singapore. Can I purchase Travel Insurance here?

The Travel Insurance available here are for travellers who are resident in Singapore and intend to leave and return to Singapore. If you are departing from Malaysia or Hong Kong, you may wish to visit InsureDIY Malaysia or InsureDIY Hong Kong for Travel Insurance policies.  


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