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On top of 2% cashback, additional Exclusive Promotional Codes for Shop.com Customers!
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Car Insurance
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Additional $25 off
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Enjoy $25 cashback on your premiums with the purchase of PHV Car Insurance from InsureDIY! 


Unsure about your car details? Log into OneMotoring to download the information.

It takes 2-3 working days for the insurer to send your new insurance policy details to LTA, so be sure to buy your policy early.

Maid Insurance
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Up to $20 direct discount off insurer’s best prices
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Enjoy up to $20 direct discount off the insurer's best prices!

no promo code required

Buy your MOM compliant insurance policy here. Compare and buy on InsureDIY and SAVE on your insurance premium by buying online with us.

Note that it takes 2-3 working days for the insurer to update MOM on the insurance purchase.

Compare & buy best insurance plans from top insurers.

On top of 2% cashback, additional Exclusive Promotional Codes for Shop.com Customers!
Simply enter the promotion codes listed below during checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I ensure that the sale amount is reflected in my Shop.com account?

Simply login to your shop.com account. Click on our partnerstore and complete your purchase on InsureDIY website.


2. What if I want to renew my car insurance with my current insurer?

We can help you with your renewal! We'll even give you a straight discount of $30 off your premium if it exceeds $600.
Simply email us at [email protected] and we will be able to assist in renewing your policy. 


3. When do I have to go for a car inspection?

Cars that are 3 to 10 years old will need to be inspected once every two years and cars older than 10 years will have to inpected annually.

There are two car insepction companies in Singapore that you can go to: Vicom and STA. 

Vicom has 7 inspection centres while STA has 2 inspection centres located in various parts of Singapore. The good news is that a few of the inspection centres close at 8pm, for example, Vicom's inspection centre at Sin Ming and Bukit Batok and STA's centres at Sin Ming and Boon Lay.

You will receive your inspection notice within 3 months before your road tax expires. Remember to come back to InsureDIY to buy your car insurance policy after that!


4. What is the difference between Comprehensive cover and Third Party only? 

Third Party Insurance covers only your liability in respect of any property damage, bodily injury or death resulting from your car accident. In other words, the damage to your vehicle or other property like street lighting will need to be covered at your own expense.

Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance will provide additional cover for your vehicle against fire and theft.

A Comprehensive Car Insurance plan provides the most extensive cover. In addition to Third Party Liability, Fire and Theft, Comprehensive Insurance also provides cover on your own car's damage as well as medical costs arising from the accident.


5. What are the basic MOM requirements for all Domestic Helper Insurance?

From 1 Oct 2017, a minimum amount of $60,000 is required for Personal Accident Insurance, and medical coverage of at least $15,000 per year. All Domestic Helper Insurance plans sold by InsureDIY comes with the $5,000 Letter of Guarantee. All plans displayed meet the basic MOM requirements for Maid Insurance. 


6. What other benefits should I look at for my Maid Insurance?

Some additional benefits that you may wish to consider include the amount of outpatient expenses, level of personal liability (covers legal liability for third party accidental bodily damage or property damage due to your maid's negligence whilst in the course of her employment by you in Singapore), Wages & Levy Reimbursement (reimburse the wages & levy for the period that your maid is hospitalized), Replacement Maid Expenses (Covers the agency fees for a replacement should your domestic helper be terminated due to death or permanent disability) and more. 

Easily compare 5-6 plans with our proprietary compare table!  


7. Why do the maid insurance periods cover 14 or 26 months when the work permits are issued at 12 or 24 months?

MOM requires all insurance to have an additional 2 months of cover so that in any event ore reason that the maid overstays in Singapore after the work permit has expired, she is still covered under the insurance. 


8. I have more questions. Can I speak with someone?

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us at:

Email: [email protected]
Text only: +65 8241 0688 (Mon to Fri: 9am - 5pm)
Calls only: + 65 3138 6784 (Mon to Fri: 9am - 5pm)


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