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Step 1:

Buy Domestic Helper Insurance on InsureDIY



Step 2:

Renew your helper's work permit on MOM Website

Why Renew Your Domestic Helper Insurance Online 


Renewing your helper's contract is simple and can be done online. Save over $150 in agency fees by following the 2 simple steps above.

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How to refer:
Simply ask your friend to select "Referral" during the application process and key in your email address or referral code when they apply for Domestic Helper Insurance here. Note that family members from the same household cannot refer each other.

Referral Reward
DIY$10 each

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Here are some common questions
about Domestic Helper Insurance

1. Do I need Domestic Helper Insurance?

Domestic helper insurance provides health and other insurance benefits to your helper.

All employers are required by the Ministry of Manpower to buy medical and personal accident insurance to compensate their employees for any accident during the course of employment. In addition, the medical insurance details will need to be submitted online for the renewal or issuance of the work permit.


2. How much Domestic Helper Insurance coverage should I buy?

For medical insurance, you have to purchase a cover of at least S$60,000 for inpatient care and day surgery for your helper's stay in Singapore. For personal accident insurance, a minimum coverage of S$60,000 is required and the compensation be made payable to her or her beneficiaries.

The domestic helper insurance usually includes coverage for both medical insurance and personal accident. We would recommend that you purchase a more comprehensive coverage that includes liability to third parties, repatriation expenses, insurance guarantee bond and waiver of co-payment for hospital and surgical expenses.


3. What are the key features of a Domestic Helper Insurance policy?

The Domestic Helper Insurance premium is paid at the start of the policy period and you can select a coverage period of 14 months or 26 months.

The key benefits of Domestic Helper Insurance are the hospitalisation coverage and personal accident coverage as required by law. Additional or optional benefits may include: 

  • Outpatient benefits
  • Dental benefits
  • Alternative domestic help benefit
  • Wages and levy reimbursement
  • Repatriation expenses
  • Termination expenses
  • Liability to third parties
  • Insurance guarantee bond
  • Employer's liability
  • Waiver of co-payment for hospital & surgical expenses


4. What other benefits should I look at for my Domestic Helper Insurance?

Some additional benefits that you may wish to consider include the amount of outpatient expenses, level of personal liability (covers legal liability for third party accidental bodily damage or property damage due to your maid's negligence whilst in the course of her employment by you in Singapore), Wages & Levy Reimbursement (reimburse the wages & levy for the period that your maid is hospitalized), Replacement Maid Expenses (Covers the agency fees for a replacement should your domestic helper be terminated due to death or permanent disability) and more. Easily compare 5-6 plans with our proprietary compare table!  


5. What are the basic MOM requirements for all Domestic Helper Insurance?

From 1 Oct 2017, a minimum amount of $60,000 is required for Personal Accident Insurance. From 1 July 2023, a minimum medical insurance coverage of at least $60,000 per year is required. The medical insurance coverage is subject to 25% co-payment for total claim amount above $15,000 (if a waiver of co-payment is not purchased) and annual limit. All Domestic Helper Insurance plans sold by InsureDIY comes with the $5,000 Letter of Guarantee. All plans displayed meet the basic MOM requirements for Maid Insurance. 


6. Do I need to buy a COVID-19 Cover for my helper?

COVID-19 coverage is included in the Domestic Helper Insurance, provided under the hospital & surgical expenses cover of the plan. It pays for the inpatient medical expenses specifically for the treatment of COVID-19 which your maid is diagnosed with and hospitalised for, subject to the same co-payment for total claim amount above $15,000 (if a waiver of co-payment is not purchased) and annual limit of the medical insurance coverage.


7. Why do the Domestic Helper Insurance periods cover 14 or 26 months when the work permits are issued at 12 or 24 months?

MOM requires all insurance to have an additional 2 months of cover so that in any event or reason that the maid overstays in Singapore after the work permit has expired, she is still covered under the insurance. 


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