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7 ways to beat jet lag after a long-haul flight

While travelling can seem fun at times, it can also become extremely tiring, especially if you are going on a long-haul flight. After sitting in an airplane for a really long time, which might seem like eternity at that moment, you are bound to suffer from jet lag. Along with jet lag, comes fatigue and extreme exhaustion.

If you are travelling for business, you most likely don’t have time to rest so that you can recover. You will need to find a way to get rid of the jet lag so that you can go about your busy schedule. Before you plan your long flight, make sure to sign up for proper travel insurance. InsureDIY features some of the best travel insurance deals you will find online. If you are looking for ways to beat jet lag after a long-haul flight, here’s how you can do it.

1. Make the necessary arrangements before the flight

To make the jet lag process easier, take the necessary steps to adjust your sleep routine in line with the time of your destination. Start going to bed as if you were at your destination and start waking up following the same pattern. Usually, getting an hour earlier or later than your usual time might do the trick. Change not just your sleeping time, but your eating routine as well. Try to have your meals at the time you would have them at the place you are supposed to go. Eating a large meal before travelling will make it worse so it’s not recommended. 

2. Do not take alcohol and caffeine

Alcohol is sometimes good for relaxing purposes, especially if you suffer from a fear of flight. Other times, it might not work as expected and you end up suffering from a severe case of jet lag. Caffeine, on the other hand, might also create some reactions that you don’t expect on a flight. Most people get more energised and are able to stay alert more when they take in caffeine. To be safe, avoid taking alcohol during a long flight. Instead, take the opportunity to drink lots of water. After the flight lands, it is also advised to avoid alcohol and caffeine drinks. Continue taking in more water so that your body can get rid of the effect of the long flight.

3. Sleep on the flight 

If you are going to take a long flight, you might as well take the opportunity to rest your eyes. Think of it as a way to rejuvenate and relax yourself before you land and your journey on land starts. Sometimes, the idea of being on a plane itself is so exciting that your mind stays away and heart beat races faster. Other times, it might be hard to fall asleep if other passengers are noisy. Bring all the sleeping equipment you need so that you can fall asleep easily on a long flight.

4. Stay awake until bedtime 

When you reach home in the morning or afternoon after a long flight, force yourself to stay awake until your bedtime. Do not straightaway go to bed when you reach home. This will help your body clock reset to how it originally was. 

5. No exposure to blue light 

During your flight, try not to switch on any of your electronic devices. Take the opportunity to relax your eyes from being exposed to the blue light. Looking at your gadgets can disrupt your sleeping pattern, which can make the jet lag worse. You can either go to sleep or perform some light exercises while in flight to keep yourself busy. You can also choose to read a magazine or book, if you are not too tired.

6. Sleep in the middle 

No matter where your seat is on the plane, try to sleep during the middle part or early part of your long flight. To make matters easy on your sleeping routine, go to sleep at a time that will let you be awake 10 to 12 hours before the time you are supposed to go to bed at the place of your destination. This will help keep your body in sync with your sleeping pattern, which will make the jet lag easier on you.

7. To make sure that the jetlag doesn’t hit you 

The process of trying to beat jet lag starts before your flight and ends after your flight. As soon as you arrive at your destination, a few things should be done to make sure the jet lag doesn’t hit you hard. Try to eat the right food that will help your situation, such as eating cherries or drinking cherry juice. Head outside for 20 minutes and get some exposure to the hot sun or daylight.

The best way to get used to the new time zone is to stay up until bedtime in the country. Try to avoid the urge to sleep even if you’re tired so that you can go to bed at the appropriate timing. If you reach during the day, get some sunlight and do some exercises to get your mind busy and body alert.

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