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Cherry blossoms in Japan: 2021 guide

Every spring, Japan is awash with tourists from all over the world, eager to witness the exquisite Sakura in its spectacular full blossom. Beyond its incredible beauty, Sakura has long been intrinsically woven into the history and culture of Japan. Most Japanese families would follow the centuries-old tradition known as Hanami, where they would sit under the Sakura trees as petals cascade through the wind from the dancing trees. Indeed, Sakura is a global favourite.

Planning to hop on a plane to Japan to marvel over the beauty of the Sakura? Here is the ultimate guide for you! To stay protected and covered on your cherry blossom trip to Japan, sign up for travel insurance policy on InsureDIY!

Where to see cherry blossoms in Japan

The options are simply endless! Keen on visiting urban areas? Kyoto’s Philosopher’s Path and Tokyo’s Chidorigafuchi moat would be great choices. A great fan of scenic beauty? Head over to Yoshino Mountain in Kansai, the most beautiful Hanami spot in Japan. Those who adore smaller towns and cities can find themselves enjoying their views of the Sakura in Takayama, Matsumoto and Takamatsu, while immersed in the tranquillity of these places. You are truly spoilt for choices!

When is the best time to see cherry blossoms in Japan 

Every Sakura enthusiast wants to plan his/her trip such that it coincides with the cherry blossoms being in full bloom. 

Unfortunately, there is no accurate timing of when the cherry blossoms appear. This is highly dependent on the weather, which means that the cherry blossoms could bloom a little earlier in some years or a little later in others.  Sakura’s blooms in warmer weather so the southern parts of Japan will be awash with Sakura’s first.

Are you still worried about missing the breath-taking full blossom? Fred not! Due to its popular demand, the Japan Meteorological Corporation puts out an annual cherry blossom forecast ever year to help visitors plan their visits to Japan. Sure that will ease your anxiety a little!

How to plan a cherry blossom trip to Japan

The best way to avoid disappointment, in the event you arrive in Japan to find that the cherry blossoms have either not bloomed, or that you just missed the bloom, is to prepare an itinerary based on other attractions around the location you chose to see the cherry blossoms in.

That way, if you reach too early or too late for the cherry blossom season, you can still make your visit worthwhile by going to visit these other attractions.

Book your cherry blossom trip in advance

Bear in mind that as the Sakura season approaches, hotels and Japanese trains get extremely busy. It is typical that you will experience a price hike. Do reserve everything that you need in advance, so you won’t have a hole in your pocket!

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