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Why would you get an automatic extension of coverage for your travel insurance

A travel insurance policy acts as a security blanket for travellers. The value of a travel policy is felt when something unfortunate happens to you while travelling. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, travel insurance policies are designed to give you coverage from the time you leave home to when you get home.

Signing up for a travel insurance policy will get you protection for the period of time that you will be travelling. However, what happens if you come across unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from returning home before your travel policy ends? Read on to find out why you should include automatic extension of coverage into your policy.

What is an automatic extension of coverage?

Automatic extension of coverage is a feature that is provided by travel insurance plans. This feature keeps your travel policy running when you face a delay while travelling. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances cause havoc in your travelling schedules. Some of the unforeseen circumstances are things that are out of our control, such as flight delays, medical emergencies, adverse weather conditions, airline strike and many more. When that happens, you are no longer covered by your travel policy. Although with an automatic extension of coverage in place, you are still covered by your travel insurer even when your travels run a little over schedule.

What are the advantages of automatic extension for the policyholder?

A travel delay that is not your fault comes with expenses and if you are not covered by your travel insurance, you will have to pay for these expenses from your own pocket. With an automatic extension, your travel policy continues to provide you coverage. As long as you aren’t the cause, you will be protected by your travel insurer.

For example, if you have fallen sick while travelling and you are advised to stay quarantined or in a hospital resulting delays in your travels, your insurer will provide you protection. You are also protected if you cannot complete your trip due to a transport delay, that you are not the cause of. As long as you are covered by your insurer, you have nothing to worry about and can continue your trip with a peace of mind. Your travel insurer won’t present you with fees, added premiums or top ups when you go through travel delays.

Why is it important to choose well when comparing travel insurance?

Most travel insurance companies offer policies that include automatic extensions. If you overlook the policy features while signing up for your travel policy, you might end up with a coverage that does not offer automatic extension. Without proper insurance coverage, you may be liable for expenses that your insurer does not cover.

Before choosing a travel policy, you should know what type of coverage you are purchasing. You should be aware of what the policy covers, the extent of the coverage and also, what the policy does not cover. Travel insurance policies are different, some policies don’t offer protection for dangerous sports while other policies don’t cover pre-existing conditions. Check out the compare table on InsureDIY, to understand the features of the most popular travel plans in Singapore.

Signing up for automatic extension travel insurance

Travel insurance companies offer automatic extensive on different terms. Some insurers have to approve your automatic extension before allowing your policy to be extended. Others have an authorised representative extend your travel policy when required. There is also a difference in the period of time that an automatic extension lasts for. Some insurers offer 3 days while others offer up to 10 days.

Terms and conditions for automatic extension of travel insurance companies in Singapore

Income travel insurance

Your coverage period will be automatically extended at no extra cost for the first 14 days while you are overseas if you are:

  •  unable to return before the policy expires due to the delay of the public transport that you are travelling on, and the delay is not caused by you, or,\
  • hospitalised or quarantined overseas as advised by a medical practitioner.

AXA travel insurance

Free automatic extension in these events:

For Hospitalisations

  •  Up to 30 days, if you are hospitalised overseas upon doctor’s advice.

For Public Transport Delays

  • Up to 72 hours, if your return to Singapore is delayed by public transport.

MSIG travel insurance

  • Extension of period cover is permitted midway during travel and applied during the period of insurance provided there are no known circumstances or events likely to lead to a claim, subject to a minimum premium of $10. You can call MSIG Assist 24-hour hotline to request for the period extension.

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